Services with savings in mind for you
and your whole family

“I absolutely love Vibe Mobile. The simplicity and savings are spectacular. The services coming in the upcoming weeks and months absolutely blow my mind. What is coming is almost too big to wrap my head around and I cannot wait!”

-Barry Hogan, Prosper, Texas


Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP), same number, no contract

What is your mobile phone bill today? $70, $80 or more? We have the answer and everyone you know is going to say WOW! You can now offer a discounted wireless service where your customer can pick their plan based on their specific needs.

Our unlimited plans include talk, text and unlimited data for $39.95 plus tax. Choose a carrier, keep your number, never a contract and keep your phone. It’s simple, easy and incredibly attractive. New plans and new options are added weekly.



Vibe Deals offers access to an exclusive network of discounts at over 300,000 locations all over the country.

Saving money becomes easy. Check out your app while you’re out and about to find discounts on things you plan to purchase. Going to lunch? Find what’s nearest to you. Need an oil change or new tires? Check the automotive category. Planning a trip? There are killer deals on worldwide hotel and car rental properties in the travel category. Yes, we said worldwide.

Find deals from our website or downloadable app. Using the website, you will find deals based on your search criteria and print them off to redeem. With our Vibe Direct Deals app you’ll be able to browse nearby deals using your phone’s geolocation. Then to redeem, simply show your phone and save.


Vibe Mobile is our flagship service as we finish polishing our rollout of everyday services at unreal prices. Our Vibe is to offer services that everyone uses in their day to day lives, with no contracts or catches. Getting in early gives you the very first access to our incredible portfolio of services so simple, they’ll practically sell themselves.